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Spider Vein Treatments
Laser treatment using the Cutera XEO laser. This laser allows Dr. Ellen to treat spider veins anywhere on the body – face, chest, breasts, hands, arms and more.
Spider Vein Surgery
Mill Creek, WA
Spider veins are varicose veins smaller cousins. They are caused by the same reasons that varicose veins are – obesity, standing on your feet for long periods of time, pregnancy, menopause and sun exposure. Spider veins are blue, purple and red and are easily visible through the skin. They typically occur on the face and legs.

About BoxBar

The new BoxBar clinic represents a new kind of medical experience: the quality of our work, our commitment to the service, and our commitment to you as a patient. As an independent practice, Dr. Derrick and her team are not affiliated with any regional or national medical systems.

What They’re Saying

A-MAZE-ING!!!!! I had some health issues that caused severe acne and left a lot of scaring and for the last two years I have tried everything, but nothing has worked well until now. Diane with her laser machine. Just after ONE treatment I had family and friends tell me how great my skin looked. I can only imagine what the next few treatments will bring. Diane not only took time to talk to me about my skincare but followed up with me right away and constantly checked in to see how my skin was doing. I will never go anywhere else again! Thank you Diane!!!!!!

– Samleen Thiara

Thanks Dr. Ellen for making me laugh, all while taking care of many of my unwanted friends on my wheels. You are in my top 1 of all docs visited and I appreciate you allowing me to be at home in your Cosmo magazine office. I am just so happy I didn’t get the BoxBar Brand on my hip for being a whiny patient! The BoxBar clinic rocks! No Complications from my two surgeries — just the way I like it.

– Jason Shaw

The most empathetic, sympathetic physician I have ever met. She is truly skilled. She made it her personal goal to help me, and she did. I would recommend her to anyone!.

– Kim Richer

Personal touch, professional curiosity, and expert care. A small team that cares and strives for great results!

– Tyler Woods

Dr. Derrick is a treasure. She truly cares about people and will go the extra mile to see that they are getting the best possible care. Her office is absolutely breath taking. There is so much attention to comfort and beauty. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel loved.

– Jordan Lorealis Wright

Great skin treatments and a wonderful friendly staff. Highly recommended!

– Samantha Noonan

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Great Grandpa | Seattle Washington

Dr. Ellen Derrick

Dr. Derrick is a nationally recognized pioneer in the need to track and monitor patient safety to improve outcomes. Working with the University of Washington and the Washington State Foundation for Healthcare Quality, Ellen led the state-wide effort to establish the nation’s first Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program database to look at outcomes in vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and interventional cardiology.
Great Grandpa | Seattle Washington
Dr. Peter H. Derrick


Dr. Peter H. Derrick is a graduate of the University of Washington and Drexel Medical School, and completed his residency in Anesthesiology in 2010 at the University of California, San Francisco. During his training, he excelled and received certifications in:
Basic Life Support,
Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

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