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At BoxBar Vascular, our goal is to give you the highest quality patient experience from beginning to end. Please utilize our team as a resource for your best guide to treatment and surgical preparation and recovery. We have provided for you some basic Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions to give you easy access to the information that you need. You will also receive detailed, personalized instructions during your consultation.

New Patient Form

For new patients, please take time to fill our New Patient Form before coming in for your first appointment to allow for a timely check-in. If you are unable to print out these forms beforehand, please arrive a few minutes early to complete your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment.


Before the Procedure, Please Do:
  • Do: avoid sun exposure for one month before your procedure
  • Do: continue to take your medications as you normally would
  • Do: shave your legs the night before
  • Do: let us know if you’re allergic to latex
Before the Procedure, Please Don't:
  • Don’t: put lotion or oil on your legs 24 hours before the procedure
On the day of the procedure:
  • You do not need a driver to take you home.
  • Wear loose pants, sweats, or skirt to your procedure appointment.
  • Bring compression stockings to put on after the procedure.
  • Only the patient and the medical staff are allowed in the procedure room, so please plan accordingly.

Saphenous Vein Ablation

at the time of submission to your insurance for procedure authorization:

Two or three medications will be given to you at the time we submit a request for authorization to your insurance company. One prescription is Diazepam (Valium) to reduce anxiety. A pain medication (Vicodin) will also be prescribed. Please inform us if you are allergic to, or cannot take, any of these medications.

The day of your procedure:

Take the 2 or 3 medications as prescribed 1 hour prior to the procedure time. Eat normally that day and be sure to take the medication with food.

Please wear loose clothes and loose shoes/sandals, your foot and leg will be wrapped in ace wrap and gauze pads after the procedure.

Anticipate being at our office for 2 hours on the day of the procedure. Only the patient and the medical staff are allowed in the procedure room. Your driver must be able to wait in the office while you are in the procedure, in case of any emergency. We ask that they do not leave the building.

You are encouraged to bring your phone or iPod to listen to music.

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