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What is it?

Simply put, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot in the leg. At BoxBar Vascular, we use several methods to diagnose DVT. First, we’ll perform a physical exam to check for areas of swelling, tenderness and skin discoloration. We’ll also check your blood pressure, heart and lungs, and ask you about your medical history in order to determine your overall health and other details.


At your DVT diagnosis appointment with us, we’ll perform an ultrasound. An ultrasound wand is placed over the area suspected of having the clot. The wand sends sound waves into the area, through your tissues. The sound waves reflect back and are transformed into a picture that can be seen and measured. Several ultrasounds need may be performed to determine if a clot is growing.

When should i book an appointment?

If you notice: leg pain; leg swelling; skin that is warm to the touch; patchy, discolored areas on your legs; or swollen visible leg veins — call our offices and schedule a DVT exam.

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