Welcome to BoxBar

Thank you so much for the opportunity to care for you at our new clinic just east of Seattle’s University Village. For years, I have been dreaming of opening my own practice, and earlier this year, with the help of supportive colleagues, patients and my family, I found the perfect opportunity.

After a spring and summer of hard work and planning we are thrilled to be opening our doors later this fall, treating outpatient venous disease with in-office venous surgery. Moreover, I have operating room privileges at Swedish First Hill. My team and I will be able to perform many cosmetic-type procedures in the office as well.

Ellen and her great-grandfather JB Peel at the BoxBar ranch in Hearne, Texas.Ellen and her great-grandfather JB Peel at the BoxBar ranch in Hearne, Texas.

BoxBar may seem like an odd choice for a clinic name, but it’s close to my heart. My great-grandfather was a cowboy and rode the Santa Fe and the Chisolm trails. In the summers, I would go up to the ranch and help with the cattle. Our brand was literally BoxBar. I learned a lot from my time on the ranch, most importantly the value of hard work and authenticity. As we rode the fences, my great-grandfather repeatedly told me that my greatest accomplishment was to be myself, regardless of what the world wanted me to be. The ‘new’ BoxBar will be his legacy brought to life for me.

While I love practicing medicine, it is the time I spend with my patients, on rounds, on the phone, and in the office sharing stories and getting to know each other that’s given my work-life meaning. I think my great-grandfather would understand.

Take good care!