Cardiac Event Risk Stratification

Have you wondered if you are at a high risk for a heart attack? Does your family have a medical history of strokes and heart issues? Do you smoke? Are you overweight? All these things increase your risk level.
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What is it?

Dr. Ellen Derrick performs a non-invasive ultrasound of your carotid artery to check your risk level. This test is remarkably effective at identifying seemingly low-risk patients that might need to be concerned. Once you know about that risk level, you have the key in your hands to prevent one or both of these terrible events from happening to you.


The ultrasound that Dr. Ellen Derrick performs measures the plaque buildup in your carotid artery. If there is plaque buildup in that artery, chances are you will have it in other important arteries as well. This is a red flag for potential heart disease and strokes.

Dr. Derrick will also perform an ultrasound on your arms and legs to measure arterial pressure.

Test Results and Risk Factors

Depending on what the test shows, Dr. Ellen Derrick will work with you on modifying the risk factors that can be changed – blood pressure, cholesterol, reducing your stress level and other life style changes. The goal is to lower your cardiac risk to the lowest possible level. By taking charge of your own health through knowledge, you can save your own life!

Some insurance providers cover the cost of this test, while others do not. The cost of the test is affordable, so even if you do have to pay out-of-pocket, it is important enough that it should be done. We have found that if you are referred for the test by your primary care physician, that insurance company are more likely to pay. We recommend that this test is performed yearly.

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