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Before Foot Surgery

Are you a diabetic who has been told that you need foot surgery? Poor circulation is very common in diabetic patients. If you operated on in an area where the circulation is poor, you run the risk of a wound that won’t heal. This also applies if you cut your foot and have poor circulation. Not having enough oxygen/blood flow will increase the chances that you will need an amputation on a toe or possibly the entire foot.

Before any surgery, you should be screened. A Pre-Podiatry screen is a test that determines if you have enough oxygen at the surgery site for it to be safe and for a wound to heal promptly. If the test determines that there is not enough oxygen present, it is important to supply more blood by way of an artery bypass or a stent before surgery.

What We Do

Pre-Podiatry Screening is a non-invasive ankle pressure test. This test is done in the office, with same-day results. If we determine that you don’t have enough oxygen, Dr. Ellen Derrick can fix that issue and possibly save your toe, foot or leg. If the screening shows everything is fine, you can proceed with any foot surgery with a very low risk.

If you need further foot surgery and it has been more than a year since your last screening, you will need to be re-screened. Some insurance providers cover the cost of this screening, while others do not. The cost of the screening is affordable so even if you do have to pay out-of-pocket, it is important and should be done. We have found that if you are referred for the screening by your primary care physician or your podiatrist, that insurance companies are more likely to pay.

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