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What Is It?

The pelvic/labial type of varicose veins develops in a woman’s pelvic, labial or vulvar regions during pregnancy. Almost 30% of pregnant women will develop them, and once the baby is born, the veins don’t always disappear on their own. The veins typically affect women ages 25-45, and women who have had multiple pregnancies. Pelvic/labial varicose veins usually start to develop around the fifth month of pregnancy. However, you don’t have to be pregnant to develop these veins – any woman can develop them.


Things like weight gain, fluid retention, a genetic disposition for developing varicose veins, higher than normal estrogen levels, and changes in anatomy that happen during pregnancy. Some of the symptoms include dull pain, pain during intercourse, lower-back aches, general fatigue, a swollen vulva, and depression.

Treatment Options

Surgery used to be the only treatment option available for pelvic and labial veins. However, treatments have come a long way, and minimally invasive options are now common. At BoxBar Vascular, we offer multiple minimally invasive treatment options.



A virtually painless procedure in which medical solutions are injected into your varicose veins and cause the veins to collapse and be naturally reabsorbed by your body.  This treatment uses ultrasound to guide Dr. Ellen Derrick to veins that aren’t visible or close to the skin surface.


A procedure that is performed in-office with an anesthesiologist for sedation and pain control, in which a small incision is made and a microhook is used to remove the vein. Recovery is typically one to three days.

Worried About Your Varicose Veins?

Don’t let people tell you they are only cosmetic. Varicose veins are a real medical condition. Great treatment options are available to fit your situation, and relief is just a phone call away!

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