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At BoxBar Vascular, our goal is to improve not only your vascular health, but your overall quality of life.

DVT Diagnosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis, more commonly known as a blood clot, can be an urgent and life-threatening condition. We offer same day non-invasive ultrasound testing and consultation for diagnosis to provide you with peace of mind.

Vascular Diagnosis and Treatment

Your vascular system is made of the arteries and veins that carry your blood supply, roughly 2,000 gallons per day, to and from your body’s organs and tissues. When this system begins not working to its full potential it is important to get a diagnosis and treatment right away.

varicose vein treatment

If you are suffering from heaviness, aching, fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and visible varicose veins, we can help. Dr. Ellen Derrick offers several non-invasive and minimally invasive office procedures to correct and remove varicose veins and their symptoms.

Varicose Veins

If you spend most of your day on your feet, chances are you’re developing varicose veins. Don’t worry, we can help!


Stroke risk assessment

Cardiac event risk assessment

Pre-podiatry surgery screening

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DVT Diagnosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is another name for a blood clot in the leg. There are several methods to diagnose DVT. First, we perform a physical exam and ask you about your medical history. Then we’ll perform one or more tests to confirm the exact nature of the problem.

Pelvic/labial varicose veins

Surgery used to be the only treatment option available for pelvic and labial varicose veins. However, treatments have come a long way, and minimally invasive options are now common.

Cardiac Event Risk Stratification

Have you wondered if you are at a high risk for a heart attack? Does your family have a medical history of strokes and heart issues? We can perform a non-invasive ultrasound of your carotid artery to check your risk level.

In-Office Venous Surgery

Most of our procedures can be performed in office, and will have you in and out in under an hour!

Stroke Risk Assessment

One of the major causes of stroke is carotid artery disease, when a waxy cholesterol plaque builds up in the carotid arteries and restricts blood flow. We use ultrasound to scan your arteries and look for any offending blockages.

Pre-Podiatry Surgery Screening

Are you a diabetic who has been told that you need foot surgery? Our non-invasive pre-podiatry screening will determine if you have enough oxygen/blood flow in your feet for a low-risk surgery experience.

Spider Vein Surgery

Spider veins are the smaller cousins of varicose veins. They won’t go away without treatment. Come on in and see how BoxBar Vascular can help you with your spider veins!

Varicose Vein Surgery

Are you looking to get rid of your varicose veins? We diagnose and offer several minimally invasive treatment options.

Vascular Diagnosis & Treatment

We diagnose and treat a wide array of vascular system issues. We tailor your treatment plan to exactly what you personally need, deciding together with you what your best treatment option is.


Lipedema can easily be confused with other similar conditions. BoxBar Vascular can help with your lipedema diagnosis.

Hand Veins

Whether your hand veins are diagnosed as cosmetic or because of an underlying issue like varicose veins, Dr. Ellen Derrick will work with you to build a personalized treatment plan.

Face Veins

If you have visible face veins, you might be wondering what causes them and how to get rid of them. BoxBar can help!

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