The ABC’s of Vascular Health

Our vascular system is truly the body’s lifeblood. Literally. Every day, our veins and arteries carry a gallon and a half (or more) of oxygen-rich blood throughout our bodies to our vital organs, brain, and extremities. Even the strength and health of our bones is dependent on the nourishment delivered from our vascular system.

But as we age, our arteries tend to thicken with a buildup of plaque and cholesterol. They get stiffer and narrower – and when blood flow is restricted, vascular problems like carotid artery disease can lead to stroke, or peripheral artery disease can lead to problems walking – and, in the most advanced cases, foot ulcers, gangrene, and possible amputation.

Not a pretty picture.

Heart Shaped Tree | Vascular Care in Seattle | The boring ABC’s of vascular health

Since vascular issues mostly affect those over 60, young people and middle agers especially need to understand how to maintain a healthy vascular system as they age.

Prevention is always the best medicine, and, honestly, it’s not that exciting. You’ve heard it over and over: the same-old, same-old dull prescription.

  • Stop smoking. Now!
  • Eat a healthy, low-fat diet. Moderation in all things, except for vegetables.
  • Maintain good cholesterol levels.
  • Keep your blood pressure in the normal range.
  • And exercise regularly. Even moderate walking counts – you don’t have to run marathons, or devote hours in the gym.

From head to toe, our interconnected system of blood-carrying vessels throughout our body is nothing short of a marvelous miracle.

We’re here to help you keep it that way.

Take good care!