Open for business!

I am writing this today from my actual desk, in my actual office!

What a joy to have the doors open on the new BoxBar Vascular.  We broke ground in June and, while we still have a few items to take care of on our Tick List, I can officially state that the door is open, and we are welcoming patients.  In fact, I am seeing patients this week.

I’d like to take a moment and thank the folks who made this possible: My team on the ground included contractor Jess LaCasse, owner of LaCasse Custom Homes, and my interior designer Marie Harris, owner of Veritables.  We had electricians, plumbers, and IT guys too numerous to count. I am incredibly thankful for all their hard work and problem-solving skills. As a surgeon I appreciate the work these folks do. Diagnosis, demolition and creation of new systems that work together seamlessly is what I do too.



The process of remodeling also reminds me that life is always under construction. Our stories take many twists and turns – and sometimes require a sledgehammer – but with enough perseverance and true grit we can get it done!

I am looking forward to seeing you in our new waiting room soon.

Take good care!