Working at BoxBar Vascular

It is truly a pleasure to work at BoxBar Vascular.  Dr. Ellen Derrick has not only created a beautiful and relaxing environment for her patients but has carried that feeling over to the way she runs BoxBar as a place of employment. The staff here at BoxBar feel incredibly lucky to work for Dr. Ellen every single day. We are treated as equals, with our thoughts and opinions being heard and valued. We have been recognized and recruited for our expertise in each of our fields, and we have been given a place to come each day that brings us a sense of fulfillment and pride.

As BoxBar grows, so will our team, and it is Dr. Ellen’s heartfelt desire to make BoxBar Vascular a premier place of employment. BoxBar Vascular seeks to be unsurpassed in patient outcomes, and unequivocal for employee satisfaction in the workplace. Come see for yourself what makes our office truly a place of calm, relaxation, happiness, and unlike any other medical office, you have ever been to. To learn more about the team that makes BoxBar, take a look here:

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